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The Real Story of the Lie to Me TV Show

The Lie to Me TV show was inspired by the training of real-life deception detection expert Dr. Paul Ekman

Watch and learn about the truth and science behind the Lie to Me TV show, with appearances from Dr. Paul Ekman, Tim Roth, Sam Baum, and other cast members.

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Cast & Characters

Tim Roth - Cal Lightman on Lie to Me TV Show

Cal Lightman

Tim Roth

Kelli Williams - Lie to Me Actress

Gillian Foster

Kelli Williams

Brendan Hines - Actor on Lie to Me Show

Eli Loker

Brendan Hines

Hayley McFarland - Actress

Emily Lightman

Hayley McFarland

Mekhi Phifer - Lie to Me Actor

Ben Reynolds

Mekhi Phifer

Monica Raymund - Actress

Ria Torres

Monica Raymund

Episode Guide

Lie to Me Scene from Season One

Season 1

Season Two Scene from Lie to Me TV Show

Season 2

Scene from Lie to Me Season Three

Season 3