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Pilot: The Lightman Group searches for the truth in cases involving the murder of a highschool teacher and rumors surrounding a congressman. Dr.’s Lightman and Foster also find a new employee, a “natural” from the TSA, Ria Torres.

Moral Waiver

The team investigates a military officer accused of sexual assault as well as a star college basketball player accused of taking a bribe.

A Perfect Score

Dr. Lightman is led to a girl’s prep school after the murder of a judge’s daughter. Meanwhile, Dr. Foster investigates the case of a test flight gone wrong.

Love Always

The Lightman Group is recruited to help prevent the assassination of a Korean ambassador at a high-profile wedding.


Do No Harm

Lightman and Foster focus on the case of a missing girl while Loker and Torres investigate whether the memoir of a North Ugandan peace activist is true.


The Best Policy

Lightman and Torres delve into a case at a pharmaceutical company involving espionage, conspiracy, and a close college friend. Foster and Loker find themselves involved in a political negotiation for the release of two young Americans.


Depraved Heart

Insight is gained into Dr. Lightman’s past as he becomes consumed in an investigation involving a series of suicides. Conflict arises between members of the team as they look into a potential fraud case with serious consequences.


Life is Priceless

Lightman and Foster help in a rescue operation after the collapse at a construction site where they find more than just rubble has been covered-up. Torres and Loker begrudgingly end up checking into the girlfriend of an internet billionaire.


Better Half

Lightman’s ex-wife makes an appearance and enlists his help with an arson case. Torres is put to work on a case involving a drive-by shooting.



The gang gets caught up in a complicated case involving a questionable police shooting and an undercover terrorism investigation. Meanwhile, Eli becomes stuck in a lie and the truthfulness of Foster’s husband is in question.



Lightman meets his match with an imprisoned master liar who has inspired a copycat serial rapist. The group teams up with an FBI agent, Ben Reynolds, for backup.



In the season finale the Lightman Group becomes involved in the investigation of terrorist bombings in the D.C. area which becomes personal as Torres’s boyfriend is in danger.

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