Lie to Me Season 2 Episode Guide

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The Core of It

The team tries to figure out if a woman with multiple personalities is the witness or perpetrator of a crime. Torres steps up to the plate in her first big solo project- vetting a judge who is being considered for the Supreme Court.


Truth or Consequences

Lightman helps Zoe defend a college athlete against an accusation of statutory rape and Foster becomes emotionally involved in a case involving a possible cult.


Control Factor

Lightman goes on vacation to Mexico, but still ends up working a case. Back home, Foster gets involved in a case involving tainted blood and Lightman’s rival.



A man accused of killing his wife becomes hostile in his desperation to prove his innocence.


Grevious Bodily Harm

A friend from Lightman’s past gets Lightman involved in a dangerous conspiracy. The rest of the team investigates a threatening video at a high school.


Lack of Candor

The FBI hires the group to investigate the death of a government witness. Reynolds’ past is brought into question as he refuses to testify about his involvement in this undercover case.


Black Friday

A distraught teen comes to the group looking for help to find his birth parents. Loker and Torres look into a trampling incident at a store on Black Friday.


Secret Santa

In the midst of the holidays, Lightman makes a trip to Afghanistan to assist in the rescue of two captured marines.


Fold Equity

The gang goes to Las Vegas to investigate the disappearance of a finalist in the World Series of Poker.


Tractor Man

A discontented farmer parks his explosive-rigged tractor in D.C. and demands to speak directly with the president.


Beat the Devil

Lightman investigates a charming psychology graduate student whom he believes to be a sociopath.


Sweet Sixteen

Secrets from Lightman’s and Foster’s past come to the surface when an Irish terrorist comes to Lightman in search of who killed his family years ago.


The Whole Truth

Lightman testifies in a trial in which Zoe is the defense lawyer in a case regarding a young woman accused of killing her older, wealthy husband.


React to Contact

The team investigates the claims of a decorated war-hero with PTSD using virtual-reality to uncover the truth of forgotten past events in battle.


Teacher and Pupils

Lightman’s abilities to read people are put to the limits as he examines the face of a critically wounded police officer to find clues about the crime. Lightman is also shadowed by a wealthy client who offers financial support.



After an inmate vanishes, Torres’ incarcerated half-sister calls to her for help and she and Lightman show up to investigate.


Bullet Bump

After a governor’s staffer is killed during a rally, the team is hired to investigate, and Clara may be hiding something to protect someone on the inside.



When the FBI investigates the murder at an underground fight club, Lightman’s relationship to the event is at risk of being exposed.


Pied Piper

The future of the Lightman Group could be at risk when Lightman and his ex-wife discover they may have put an innocent man to death.



Lightman tries to find Foster’s boyfriend after he is abducted which leads him to discover more about his past.


Darkness & Light

The team helps a father find his daughter and in the process they bring to light a criminal element in the adult-film industry. Back at the office, Loker and Torres compete for a promotion.


Black & White

Lightman investigates the murder of his journalist friend who was in the midst of exposing political corruption. During the investigation, Reynolds is critically wounded.


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