Season 2 Episode 10: Tractor Man

Smiling Speaker

Foster tells Lightman that she can hear from his voice that Miller is smiling. It is not only the inflection that reveals the smile, but the smiling lips change the length of the vocal channel from which sounds are emitted. Many advertisers use announcers who sound as if they are smiling, because we like to hear that sound.

Telling a Child the Truth

When the little boy, Oscar, overhears Lightman and Steele talking about the bomb, Lightman tells Oscar the truth. It is very out of character for Lightman not to lie to deal with a problem or get information. He has lied repeatedly in previous programs. Was he truthful to Oscar because he doesn’t want to lie to a child? Or was he unable to think of a way to lie his way out, because Oscar had heard too much?

Terrorist’s Posture

Lightman tells Reynolds you need to look for the posture and gaze of a terrorist, but he doesn’t say what it is. That is not because the information is too valuable to be revealed on TV. Although I am working to identify the signs in expression, gaze or posture that might reveal someone is a terrorist; I don’t have the answers yet, and may not find them. A right-wing extremist terrorist might not show the same expression as a Sunni or Shiite terrorist, and they may not show the same appearance.

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