Season 2 Episode 15: Teachers and Pupils

Shadow Me

No one has asked to follow me around in order to learn how to spot lies. I was been asked to evaluate whether people giving financial reports on next quarters earnings are being truthful. And once I sat in when someone was being deposed, feeding questions to the attorney when I saw hot spots – signs that the person being questioned was not being forthcoming. Mostly I give workshops to those who want to learn how to improve their ability to identify lying and truthfulness, and most of those workshops are for law enforcement and national security.

Duping Delight

Duping delight, but can occur with truthful person, not likely in this context when his own future is at stake. But some people feel superior to law enforcement officers and enjoy being suspected when they know the police are on the wrong track. And some innocent people enjoy the risk, the danger of being under suspicion of a crime they didn’t commit.

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