Lie to Me Season 3 Episode Guide

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In the Red

Lightman’s plan to infiltrate a robbery goes awry when he discovers one of the robbers is seeking revenge, not money.

The Royal We

The Lightman Group investigates an abuse accusation at a beauty pageant, focusing on a mother-daughter duo with a dark secret.

Dirty Loyal

Lightman’s relationship with Detective Wallowski gets complicated when Internal Affairs attempts to incriminate her.

Double Blind

The Lightman Group gets taken for a ride when a clever museum thief attempts to evade their investigation.

The Canary's Song

Six deaths in a coal mine explosion appear to be foul play. In order to find out, Lightman puts himself in the same dangerous situation.

Beyond Belief

After a member of a cult tries to commit suicide, Lightman devotes himself to exposing the leader.


Lightman works with a woman with early-onset Alzheimer’s to uncover a traumatic memory from her past, and in the process discovers there may be a killer working at her health care facility.


Lightman reveals a surprising suspect in a fatal armed robbery at a barbeque joint.


Lightman’s own sanity is challenged as he tries to determine whether a man at a mental hospital is being held against his will.


The group reveals a con after being hired to check into the background of the boyfriend of a wealthy woman.


After a fatal traffic accident, Lightman is hired to investigate the three high school students who were responsible.


In the wake of a kidnapping, Lightman digs deeper to discover a family in desperate need of repair.

Killer App

The co-creator of a social networking application enlists the help of Foster and is later found dead. Lightman then tries to prove that it was her partner that committed the crime.

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